Service Cloud Consultant

I am preparing for my Service Cloud Consultant Exam and thought of putting all the stuff that I am preparing in this and upcoming blog posts. I am dividing this into 11 different blog posts (including this) with the below topics as per the certification guide and its weightage
  • Industry Knowledge – 10%
  • Implementation Strategies – 15%
  • Service Cloud Solution Design – 16%
  • Knowledge Management – 9%
  • Interaction Channels – 10%
  • Case Management – 15%
  • Contact Center Analytics – 5%
  • Integration and Data Management – 5%
  • Service Console – 15%
My Post will be containing a detailed explanation of each subtopic within each topic and I will be linking some trailhead modules & some reference links where ever¬†possible. Please watch out for my next post related to Industry Knowledge next week.¬† Please comment if you find anything wrong in the post which gives me an opportunity to correct myself.    

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