Industry Knowledge – Identify Challenges and considerations for business continuity in the contact center

Disasters come without warning and can have a huge impact on a Contact Center’s image, brand and reputation. A business continuity plan (BCP) deals with how business prepares for disaster events that could disrupt the business. It helps the contact center to continue to deliver customer service at a defined level and ensure employee safety. […]

Industry Knowledge – Explain the use cases and benefits for different Interaction Channels

Interaction channels offer different ways or interacting with customer and resolving their cases. Below topics describe the use cases, costs, and advantages of various Interaction channels. Each channel is used to match different customer needs. When it comes to customer service channels supported in contact centers, inbound phone systems continue to be the most common, […]

Industry Knowledge – Explain the Factors that influence key contact center metrics, KPIs and business challenges

Introduction Call Center: It is a stressful environment that manage high volume calls maintaining consistent and high standards of customer service. Metrics and KPIs are usually used to track the performance of the call center. These also help the call center management in the improvement of the processes to help customer success. Below are considered […]