Javascript can run on any browser, OS and host. In order to write and test your javascript code you can use the following

Text Editors

  • Javascript can be written in any text editors with a .js extension.
    • Notepad, Notepad++, Emacs for Windows OS
    • TextWrangler, Sublime for Mac, Emacs for Mac
    • Vim and Vi for Linux

Integrated Development Environments

  • VScode
  • Brackets
  • Atom

Online Editors

Server-side Javascript Run Time Environments

  • Node.js
  • forked from Node.js. It has a multi-thread functionality. U can choose v8 or spidermonkey as the js engine too.
  • There are some like io.js (forked from nodejs), RingoJS (


Node.js is an open source, cross-platform runtime environment for server-side JavaScript. Node.js is required to run JavaScript without a browser support. It uses Google V8 JavaScript engine to execute the code. You may download Node.js source code or a pre-built installer for your platform. Node is available at

Installation on Windows

Download and run the .msi installer for Node
To verify if the installation was successful, enter the command node –v in the terminal window.

Installation on Mac OS X

To install node.js on OS X you can download a pre-compiled binary package which makes a nice and easy installation. Head over to and click the install button to download the latest package.
Install the package from the .dmg by following along the install wizard which will install both node and npm. npm is the Node Package Manager which facilitates installs of additional packages for Node.js.

For my examples, I will be using Node.js and JsFiddle.

ECMAScript 2015(ES6) features are classified into three groups −

  • Stable Features − These are features that V8 considers stable.
  • Staged Features − These are almost completed features but not considered stable by the V8 team.
  • In Progress − These features should be used only for testing purposes.

The first category of features is fully supported and turned on by default by node. Staged features require a runtime – – harmony flag to execute.

A list of component specific CLI flags for Node.js can be found here −


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