Knowledge Management – Explain the Knowledge article lifecycle including creation, publishing, consumption and feedback

Knowledge Introduction Salesforce Knowledge provides the ability to build out a comprehensive Knowledge Base (KB) inside of Salesforce to service your internal agents, partners, and customers. It is simply a collection of articles with relevant information about your products and services. Terminology and pre-requisites Article Types Article types are containers for different types of articles […]

Service Cloud Design – Given a scenario, understand the use cases for implementing CTI, Communities and Field Service Lightning

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Introduction Computer Telephony Integration or CTI is a term that is used to describe the practice of tying your phone system together with your computer systems. It’s a practice that enables you to do a wide range of things that will improve sales and service including: Identifying and routing incoming calls […]

Service Cloud Design – Distinguish the key components that contribute to performance optimization within a design

This topic describes several components of Salesforce that can lead to performance issues and the ways to optimize them. It explains the measures that can be taken to minimize the impact. Performance fine tuning helps in getting quicker search results and better usage of the resources within a multi-tenant instance of Salesforce. Query Performance One […]

Service Cloud Design – Given a scenario, analyze customer requirements to determine an appropriate solution design considering capabilities, limitations and design trade-offs

Design Capabilities Salesforce provides multiple editions through its famous subscription model to ensure different kinds of contact centers ranging from small-scale to enterprise scale. Customers can subscribe and enable service to their customers. It provides out-of-the-box to fully customizable support. Capabilities to deliver a smarter, more personal customer experience on the world’s #1 CRM platform […]

Implementation Strategies – Given a scenario, determine appropriate contact center licensing and deployment strategies

Contact center implementations can be deployed using different strategies based on the requirements and the kind of implementation. Some of these implementation strategies are as below Big Bang Phased or Pilot or Incremental Parallel Big Bang In this kind of deployment strategy, all the users move from one system to another at the same time […]

Implementation Strategies – Given a scenario, determine how to facilitate a successful consulting engagement (plan, gather requirements, design, build, test and document)

Regardless of the path that you take for implementation, preparation and knowledge can help lead a smoother transition. A typical rollout comprises of a development life cycle Plan: A clear plan helps you to communicate with everyone, to do things in the right order, identify key resources, and know when you’re done. Discovery: This phase helps […]