Describe the role(s) Identity Connect plays in an Identity Management solution.

Identity Connect integrates Microsoft Active Directory (AD) with Salesforce. User information entered in AD is shared with Salesforce seamlessly and instantaneously. Companies that use AD for user management can use Identity Connect to manage Salesforce accounts.Identity Connect enables you to upload user data from your enterprise data store (Active Directory) to one or more Salesforce […]

Describe the capabilities for customizing the registration experience for external communities (for example; Branding options, self-registration, communications, etc.)

Each community by default comes with login, logout, password management and self registration pages and Salesforce provides the underlying code (Apex controllers) for all this. Community Builder or Visualforce can be used to customize branding and this default behavior.Brand Community Login PageWe can use out own logo, change background colors, add a custom footer, and […]

Describe the risks to enterprise security that federated Single Sign-on solutions aim to address

Authentication It is a process of an Entity (Source or Principal) providing its identity to another Entity (Destination or System)A principal could be a computer program, an end-user, a computer system, a piece of hardware, a mobile device, etc. and System will be on the server that provides a service.The principal provides Credentials that must […]

Given a scenario, recommend the appropriate method for provisioning users in Salesforce and other third-party services (SOAP/REST API, SAML JIT, Identity Connect, User Provisioning for Connected Apps, etc.)

SOAP/REST API Both Internal and External users can be provisioned by using SOAP and REST API on the User object. While creating External users it is required to associate a valid contact and account to the user and the account must be owned by a Salesforce user that has a role. To create or update […]

Extended Literals

Octal Literal ES5Prior to ES6 to represent an octal literal we would use the zero prefix (0) followed by a sequence of octal digits (from 0 to 7). If the octal literal contains a number that is out of range, JavaScript ignores the leading 0 and treats the octal literal as a decimal You can […]

Javascript Environment

Javascript can run on any browser, OS and host. In order to write and test your javascript code you can use the following Text Editors Javascript can be written in any text editors with a .js extension.Notepad, Notepad++, Emacs for Windows OSTextWrangler, Sublime for Mac, Emacs for MacVim and Vi for Linux Integrated Development Environments […]

ES6 Essentials

Background ECMAScript is a scripting language specification standardized by ECMAScript International.Multiple languages like Javascript, JScript, and ActionScript follow this specification.I am documenting this blog to ensure that people who are planning to learn Salesforce Lightning Web Components have the required background as the LWC uses ECMAScript. The prerequisites for this are basic Javascript knowledge. If […]

Given a scenario, articulate whether it describes an authentication, authorization, or accounting scenario and what Salesforce feature should be used to accomplish the task

Authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) is a framework for intelligently controlling access to resources, enforcing policies, auditing usage, and providing the information necessary as required. These combined processes are considered important for effective application management and security. AAA provides a method to identify which users are logged into the application and each user’s authority level. […]

Describe the role(s) an Identity Provider and Service Provider play in an access control solution

Identity Provider An identity provider is a trusted provider that lets use single sign-on (SSO) to access other websites. Salesforce can be enabled as a Identity Provider and multiple service providers can be defined to enable access to multiple applications using Single Sign On (SSO). Before enabling Salesforce as an identity provider set up a […]

Identity and Access Management Designer Certification

I am preparing for my Identity and Access Management Designer Exam and thought of putting all the stuff that I am preparing in this and upcoming blog posts. I am dividing this into multiple blog posts (including this) with the below topics and its subtopics as per the certification guide and its weight Identity Management […]